A Prayer to the Risen Savior

Glory to Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, my God, that Thou hast once more granted me, unworthy though I be, having passed through the period of

the Holy Fast, to adore Thy Divine Passion and to see the most joyous day of Thy glorious resurrection from the tomb, wherein Thou didst set free

the souls of the righteous from all ages who had been held in hades.

It is that Divine freeing of spirit and flesh, O dearest Saviour, that I desire Thee to grant me, who am fettered by many sins, and to make the livening

light of Thy Resurrection to shine in my darkened soul:

for I see Thy countless mercies and Thine ineffable love for mankind, in that Thou hast not only brought me from nonexistence into being and decorated me with Thine image and likeness, setting me as it were a master over all the lower creation;

but, even when I had fallen from this height and was enslaved to the enemy, Thou didst not forsake me, but having redeemed me by Thy Blood which is without price, Thou didst provide me with the grace of baptism, that I might once more attain my first inheritance.

Yet I, miserable as I am, being sullied by a worldly mind, turned back and once more fell slave to sin and passions, until one by one I had wasted all the

gifts of Thy Grace.

And now, I know not what to do: yet remembering the words of Thy most pure lips, that Thou art come not to save the righteous, but rather to call sinners to repentance, I too, as one of these, draw near to Thy life-giving sepulchre in faith and humility, not bearing spices and fragrant myrrh, for I am bare and empty of good works, but rather having the hope of finding therein the forgiveness of my sins and a renewal of my befouled life.

Look down therefore upon me, who repent and desire to serve Thee, and reject me not from the grace of Thy Resurrection!

By Thy life-bearing death and resurrection, mortify my bitter passions, so that I might live in this world as though dead and buried.

By Thy glorious rising again, raise up my soul, which is deadened by sins, and bring to life my conscience, for nothing in the world is more needed.

By Thy Ascension, tear me away from vain and corrupting worldly goods, and make me wise in the things that are above, so that, no longer living unto and pleasing myself, but rather serving Thee and doing the work of my Lord and God, Thou wilt grant me, as Thou hast to worship Thy Resurrection upon earth, so also to see Thee, my dearest Redeemer, in heaven as well, crowned with glory and honour for Thy crucifixion, and to stand at the right hand of Thy majesty, together with the Archangels and Angels, and with all my brethren who have been redeemed by Thee, to sing unto Thee: Alleluia!


"Polny Sbornik Molitv", pp. 9-10