4th Sunday after Pentecost

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    • 2002
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    • Freedom And Slavery
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      SYNOPSIS:The Epistle and Gospel today form the basis for the Christian definition of freedom, and the path to obtain it. This is not the definition that the world gives for freedom; their understanding is actually slavery to sin. St Paul teaches and the actions of the centurion with the sick servant confirm that true freedom can only be obtained by considering oneself to be a slave of righteousness. Those who make progress in life understand this principle. We can either be slaves of evil or righteousness. True freedom in the Christian sense is the ability to always do good and be good, and this freedom, can only be obtained by freely, of one's own will considering oneself to be a slave of righteousness.
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    • Being Then Made Free From Sin Ye Became The Servants Of Righteousness
      Freedom And Slavery Explained By Paul And The Centurion
      Romans 6-18-23-Matthew 8-5-13
      SYNOPSIS:We must understand what happened in baptism and what we are able to do and MUST do because of it. In finishing his classic treatise on baptism, in Romans Chapter 6, St Paul explains what true freedom is and what good and bad slavery is. There are two kinds of freedom and two kinds of slavery. We must be free regarding sin, but slaves to righteousness. This cannot be emphasized enough in our life, and must become a kind of mnemonic, to guide us in all of our decisions. The actions of the Centurion perfectly illustrate the proper kind of freedom and slavery to possess.
    • 4th Sunday after Pentecost (mp3 format)
    • Faith Of The Centurion
      Matthew 8-5-13
      SYNOPSIS:The Lord commended the faith of the centurion who had a sick servant. We must live our life the way he lived his, or we will not have faith. The centurion teaches us that faith will not exist without profound humility and obedience, and wonder of wonders, the more humble we become, the more bold and confident we will be in prayer. If you lack faith, attention or assurance in prayer, or God in any ways feels distant to you, you absolutely, positively must learn to have the faith of the centurion.
    • 4th Sunday after Pentecost (mp3 format)
    • Being Then Made Free From Sin Ye Became The Servants Of Righteousness
      Romans 6-18-23
      SYNOPSIS:Romans Chapter Six is one of the most important chapters of the New Testament. It teaches just about everything that is important: about the effect of the incarnation, baptism, the purpose of life and how to accomplish it, and also something that is very important: how to think about sin. To sin, pure and simple, is to become a slave to unrighteousness, and the end of such things is death. We must learn to consider ourselves slaves to righteousness. It is one ... or the other. How can we learn to think AND act in this way?
    • 4th Sunday after Pentecost (mp3 format)
    • Healing Of The Centurions Servant
      Character Matters
      Matthew 8-5-13, Romans 6-18-23
      SYNOPSIS:In the healing of the servant of the Centurion, the faith of the soldier is noted by Jesus in an exceptional way: "Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel". This story can be understood on two basic levels. The first is basic bible literacy - understanding the clear meaning of the text. After understanding things like the nature of the relationship between the Romans and the Jews, the role of the Centurion in Society, why the Centurion did not want Jesus to actually enter his home, and the prophesied calling of the Gentiles, we are ready for the deeper meaning. What made this man so great - why did he have such great faith? All the clues about his character are plain to see, and they stand as an example to us of how to have faith. Character matters.
    • 4th Sunday after Pentecost (Word DOC format)
    • Healing Of Centurions Servant
      Mat 8-5-13
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      SYNOPSIS:The healing of the Centurion's servant demonstrates the necessity of obedience. Only the obedient understand authority. Without obedience, a person cannot know God, nor experience Him. Let us understand obedience, and see where we can seek it in our daily lives.
    • Freedom and slavery, and the Centurion. (mp3 format)
    • Romans 6:18-23 Matthew 8:5-13
      SYNOPSIS:The Epistle today tells us about slavery - to sin, and slavery to righteousness - which is true freedom. We compare the two kinds of slavery, and the perfection of freedom to righteousness, as shown by the centurion who asked the Lord to heal his servant.
    • Being made free from sin, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life. (mp3 format)
    • Romans 6:18-23
      SYNOPSIS:St. Paul teaches us how to think about sin and holiness. If we do not think correctly, we cannot live correctly. He gives us two ways to think about sin and holiness. The first is after the manner of men, but it is still extremely useful. The second is the highest way. We discuss both of these ways. It is notable that St. Paulís instruction regarding sin and righteousness is in the chapter where he also describes baptism

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