June 29

    • A tale of the making of a great Saint, in between two fishing expeditions: The Holy Apostle Peter. Saints come from sinners. (mp3 format)
    • Apostles Peter And Paul
      Saints Come From Sinners
      Luke 5:1-11 Matthew 26:31-35 John 21:1-25
      SYNOPSIS:A story of the Apostle Peter, a sinner who became a Saint. We focus on the period of his formation, between and including the 2 times the apostles went fishing as ordered by the Lord. His experiences show what is happening with us, if we will believe it, and try. Peter was a sinner who became a saint. He, like us, was a mix of good and bad, and he even denied the Lord three times, but his 3+ years with the Lord changed him, and the Lord forgave Him and he became one of the great Apostles. We read the lives of the Saints for instruction and encouragement. Be encouraged by the life of Peter; God will work with you, and you will get better, in you want to get better. Read the story in this order, and "fill in the blanks" for your life: Luke 5:1-11 Matthew 26:31-35 John 21:1-25

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