The Healing of the 2 Blind Men and the deaf and dumb man Matt 9:27-35

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Jerome: Let Marcion and Mani and the other heretics who mangle the Old Testament, hear this, and learn that the Saviour is called the Son of David, for if He was not born in the flesh, how is He the Son of David?

In other words., Jesus Christ is FULLY man, and God.


The miracles that had gone before of the ruler's daughter, and the woman with the issue of blood, are now followed by that of two blind men, so that blindness might now witness what death and disease had there witnessed. "And when Jesus departed thence," that is, from the ruler's house, "two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, "You, Son of David, have mercy on us."


It did not happen right away. they had enough faith to follow Jesus into the house. No mention is made that Jesus promised them anything nbefore he went into the house.

Yet they were not healed by the way-side and in passing as they had expected to be, but after He had entered into the house, they come to Him, and first their faith is tested, so that in this way they may receive the light of the true faith. Jerome


Here again He teaches us to exclude the desire of fame, since because there was a house close by, He takes them there to heal them apart. Chysostom

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