May 30

From the Prologue

Macrina was the grandmother of St. Basil the Great. She was wonderful in mind and in her piety. She was a disciple of St. Gregory Neo-Caesarea the miracle worker. During the reign of Diocletian, Macrina abandoned her home and, with her husband Basil, hid themselves in the forests and wilderness. Their property was confiscated but they did not grieve over it. Deprived of everything except their love for God, they settled in a primeval forest where they spent seven years. By God' providence, goats descended from the mountains and offered themselves to them and so they were nourished. They both died peacefully in the fourth century following great suffering for the Faith of Christ.



Isaac, as the Prophet Isaiah

By virtue shines, similar to the sun,

The emperor he begs, the evil emperor he threatens,

Because, the great God he defies:

Against whom did you rise up O my emperor

Desolate, your kingdom will remain,

Because, against the Most-high God, you do wage war,

Under his feet, dust and ashes!

With an army, against the cruel barbarians, you set out

In your power, O emperor you hope!

To a little ant, your power is similar,

Whoever is with God, the true power has.

Your foot started out in two wars:

Against God and against men.

With poor men, everything will be easy,

But, make peace with the invincible God.

To Orthodoxy adhere, heresy reject,

For the cruel fire will fry you.

Fire here and over there fire,

Shamefully, both worlds you will forfeit.

The warning of the saint, the emperor does not heed,

Into battle entered; God he did not mention.

Into battle entered; from battle did not return -

As an odius smell, Valens was and passed.

And God, His Church freed,

And Isaac, of Paradise was made worthy.

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