May 28

From the Prologue

As a hierarch, he governed the flock of Christ for twenty-six years with great love and compassion. When he died and as his body was being placed in church, some of those who were present witnessed as his body rose from the coffin into the air above the church and from the heights, he blessed the people and the town. Afterward his body returned to his coffin. Many other miracles appeared over his grave. He presented himself to the Lord on May 28, 1288 A.D.



Heliconis, courageous martyr,

Pure of soul, most beautiful countenance,

In Corinth, the city of idols

Proclaimed the word about the only God

Corinthians, by darkness deceived,

In demonical bonds, tied

You worship all and all things

But, not the One God Most High!

God is One, the idols are many,

God is One, the devils are many.

One God is the Creator, the Omnipotent,

Of all creation, the good Provider,

He created all, He sustains all

To everything living, He gave the breath of life,

He moves everything with power and wisdom,

Caresses all with divine mercy.

He is the Lord of earth and heaven,

Him only we should worship.

Corinthians wealthy and glorious

Why, in the faith, are you such a nothing?

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