May 12

From the Prologue

Pancras came to Rome from Phrygia where, as a fourteen-year-old boy, he was tortured and killed for Christ in the year 304 A.D. This saint is greatly revered in the west. In Rome, there exists a church dedicated to him and, in this church, his holy relics repose.



Epiphanius, follower of Christ

By bread is fed and water drinks,

By the power of Christ, miracles he performs,

As a thunderer, heresies he destroys,

Soldier of Truth, pillar of Orthodoxy.

At death, such a testament, he leaves:

Vile thirst for money, you extinguish,

The rich man, do not ever envy,

Do not hate and do not slander,

And every heresy you avoid,

All foul thoughts, as serpents, drive away

They, from believers, make unbelievers.

A sober mind you keep, tied to God,

Booty of the devil, a sober man is not.

For me a sinner, you pray to God,

With your whole life, glorify God!

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