May 9

From the Prologue

Christopher was a great miracle-worker. He is especially venerated in Spain. The people pray to him primarily for protection from contagious diseases and great pestilence. He suffered for Christ and was glorified by Christ in the year 249 A.D.




On the Field of Sheep, the blind Stephan sleeps

And in a dream, endures misfortune without peace.

His body shivering, his eyes bloody,

Than such a life, death is surely better,

At that moment, in a dream a man appeared to him,

In heavenly glow, in heavenly glory.

Nicholas I am, of Myra in Lycia, said he,

And, one of those whom God chooses, you are.

Into my right hand, O Stephan, look,

Behold are your eyes, preserved in it!

Without eyes you are, the eyes are with me,

To you I will give them, when the Lord wants.

Five years passed and Stephan in darkness

A strong hope has, a strong faith has:

To me, Nicholas will come once more,

With God's help; help me, he will.

Thus did Stephan, once thought in the church,

And to the beloved saint, with tears, he prayed.

And while in the chair stood, in a dream, he fell,

But behold, St. Nicholas again to him came!

Two eyes of the king in his right palm: Behold, said he, to you, O king the day dawned!

In the name of the Lord Who, to the blind, gives sight

Look and cry out: To God be glory!

And the blind eyes, the saint touched

And darkness from the eyes as a curtain is drawn.

Redeeming the Time

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