March 17

From the Prologue

Marinus was a soldier. Not only did he not want to offer sacrifices to the idols, but if others made sacrifices, he scattered and trampled them under his feet. As a result of this, Marinus was tortured and beheaded in the third century. A certain Senator, Astyrius, clothed in a priceless white garment witnessed the suffering of St. Marinus. Astyrius was so overcome with enthusiasm for the Faith of Christ, Who gives to His followers so much courage, that he placed the martyred body on his shoulders, removed it and buried it with honors. Upon seeing this, the pagans murdered him also as a Christian.



Alexis abandoned all that the world deems glorious,

And to God, he embarked on the narrow, but true path.

First, decided he, to become impoverished for the sake of Christ,

After that, he hurriedly left the opulence of his parents.

And when he departed to a distant land and when he returned

Neither in splendor nor in poverty did he stumble into sin.

The mind raised to God, -- as a lighted candle he held,

With a strong faith and prayer that moves mountains.

Sorrowful mother, inconsolable, mother Algae,

Euphemian, aged father, sorrows and sobs,

And the bride, at one time young, faded because of grief.

One day, the servants at the beggar screamed,

And who this withered beggar is, no one even suspects.

The heir of that household, that is he! But about that, he remains silent.

Inheritance he disowned while in early bloom

In order to be a co-heir in the heavenly world.

But the saint was unable to hide, the Lord makes known the saint,

Who by his life glorifies God, God glorifies him.

Alexis glorifies God, that is why glorious he became,

In truth, he was and remained the Man of God.

Redeeming the Time

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