July 6

From the Prologue

Lucy was taken captive by the barbarian Emperor Austius in Campania. The emperor wanted Lucy to live with him [as his concubine] but she protested. The emperor left her in peace so that she could live a life of asceticism. She even converted the emperor to the Faith because, through her prayer, he gained a victory in battle. In the end she, together with the emperor, were martyred for Christ in Rome about the year 300 A.D.



Astyrius, a slave was to the idol Zeus

And Valentine the presbyter, a slave to Astyrius

"Who is Christ?" the aristocrat of Valentine asked.

About Christ the Son of God, you are asking me?

"To the world, He is the Light; to men He is the light,

To everything and to all good beings, He is the Light.

Pure Light He is; with darkness there is no mixture,

In the darkness He descended and light He brought.

The living He illumined with works and teaching,

The dead He illumined with the glowing resurrection.

By radiance, the entirety of Hades was destroyed,

And with love, the human race became inflamed,

Inflamed by love, enlightened with wisdom,

With God reconciled and with mercy smiled.

That is Christ the Lord for Whom I am dying,

And in Whose Name, the idols I trample.

That Valentine said and, to that Astyrius answered:

"All those words, as pure gold I receive:

My blind daughter, if you heal

I, Valentine, your Faith will embrace."

Hearing this the priest on his knees knelt

To the Most High, a fervent prayer said.

And on the eyes of the maiden, his hands he placed.

The maiden, her sight restored! Astyrius leaped

Because of this awesome miracle. And acknowledged Christ

And for Christ his life, a martyr's life gave.

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