July 1

From the Prologue

Potitus was a thirteen-year-old child who was born in Sardinia. He endured much suffering for Christ both from his father and from the civil persecutors of Christianity. Potitus was beheaded during the reign of Emperor Antoninus (138-161 A.D.) but, before this, Potitus cured and baptized Agnes, the daughter of the emperor.



The young Potitus, the parent asked:

When your Faith is so true,

Would you for it give your life?

Potitus replied: The Savior promised,

To gird all of His faithful with strength,

That for Him one could easily suffer;

In that I hope, even I, and I believe much,

That I could suffer for my Christ.

Father, my God is great and glorious,

Miraculous and mighty, living and life giving.

He, the young David, helped in battle

That he decapitated the head of the terrible Goliath;

With me on the path of suffering, He will be

So that the dark and bitter death, I can endure.

When Gilas, the father, heard from his son,

As though, of divine wine, he drank,

And aloud cried out: where are my years!

Behold, from a child, truth I learned!

Baptism he received and was numbered among the faithful.

And in blood, the martyr Potitus was baptized.

Redeeming the Time

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