January 23

From the Prologue

At first, Paulinus was a Roman senator and afterwards, a bishop in Nola. He followed the example of his friend St. Ambrose and received baptism. Following his baptism, Paulinus withdrew to Spain and into the Pyrenees mountains where he lived a life of asceticism. But as no lighted lamp can be hidden, so also St. Paulinus was discovered and elected as Bishop of Nola. He was a good and merciful shepherd. He died peacefully in the year 431 A.D. His relics repose in the Church of St. Bartholomew in Rome.



With my soul, I bow before You, O Infinite Creator,

When I speak Your Name, I belittle You,

And, with my every thought, I belittle You with mine -

What is the mind able to think before the open sea of Your spaciousness?

Before Your awesome mountains and chasms?

Before Your immeasurable height and width,

Before Your straight places, slopes, depths and distance

And closeness, O God; O yes, even closeness!

And still, more miraculous, Your humble lowliness!

You, as a man, lowered Yourself into our lowliness,

Lowered and constrained Yourself into a mortal valley,

That You raise the valley to the heavenly firmament,

And worn-out creation to turn into new.

Of all the characteristics, Your lowliness

Halts my thought, You bind my lips!

What can I think, what can I say

About the hungry, thirsty and crucified God?

What can I say to You, the richest One,

That, because of me, You became the poorest One?

Let the tongue keep silent; let the tears speak;

Save, with Your mercy, what Your thought created.

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