January 15

From the Prologue

Pansophius was the son of the Alexandrian Pro-consul Nilus. He abandoned worldly honor and riches and as a young man was tonsured a monk. For twenty-seven years, he lived a strict life of asceticism, uplifting his spirit to the higher world. During the reign of Decius, he was dragged before the court where he was flogged for the Name of Christ until he gave up his soul to his God in great torment.



John was a young lad,

A young and wealthy lad,

But nothing tempted him -

Neither youth nor gold.

His father was a nobleman royal,

And his mother, a lady fine,

But he left them both

For the sake of the love of the Son of God.

His wealth was Christ,

All riches, all beauty.

Christ the Lord he loved

More than his own life.

And, instead of his parents

Now crying out in Hades,

Behold, their son, through poverty

Himself and them, he saved.

Even today, many people

Who, themselves, choke with riches,

John can shame,

And their sinful souls save.

Redeeming the Time

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