August 23

From the Prologue

Alban was an English nobleman. At the time of persecution, he concealed a Christian priest in his home and was taught the Faith of Christ by him. Alban gave his clothing to the priest and then he dressed as a priest and gave himself up to the torturers. Sentenced to death, he converted his executioner to the Faith of Christ.



Most beautiful is the vine with fruitful branches,

With fragrant fruit, noble fruit;

In his offspring, the parent is wonderful,

Of physical marriage, sons are the glory.

But, more beautiful than the vine and the fruitful marriage

Are the spiritual children of the Holy Spirit.

Polycarp most glorious, had two sons:

Saint Ireneaus and Saint Pothinus,

To him, two children of the spirit and not of the flesh, were they,

With unfading eternal glory crowned.

By the Spirit of God, Polycarp regenerated them,

And for that, more beloved to him were they than if he gave birth to them.

Raised them both, with wisdom he equipped them,

To preach in Gaul, he prepared them both.

Two chosen sacrifices, two pure lambs,

Gave to the slaughter, for the Crucified Christ

Of the New Zion, two wise heralds,

Of baptized Lyon, two courageous bishops

Ireneaus and Pothinus glorified God

And Polycarp, their spiritual father.

Heroically they stood, as martyrs fell,

And, before the benevolent Christ, they stood crowned.

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