August 8

From the Prologue

Gormizdas was a nobleman at the court of the Persian Emperor Yezdegeherd. Since he chose not to deny Christ, the emperor saddened Gormizdas, by confiscating his rank and property and sent him to tend livestock. The emperor hoped that Gormizdas would quickly long for his rank and property and that he would worship the idols. However, the king was fooled. Gormizdas peacefully tended the livestock and kept his faith. For that, the emperor subjected him to cruel tortures, which only succeeded to exhaust the body of Christ's martyr but was unable to alter his spirit. Finally, Gormizdas was slain in the year 418 A.D. immediately after the martyrdom of St. Abdus the bishop (March 31). Gormizdas was martyred on earth and glorified in heaven.



Sinaite, the all-wise one, taught the monks,

And, by his example, confirmed his teachings:

Passionlessness, that is the Promised Land,

By the Spirit, the passionless soul illumined.

Without any thoughts, man then becomes

When, with prayer, his mind rests in the heart.

Of all passions, thoughts are sinful forerunners,

Which, in the demonic authority, keeps the soul.

Sick people are we; for us, the physician medicine prepared,

To be healed, to be healthy.

The Name of Jesus, in your heart, speaks,

It will, as a fire, consume passions,

Let that powerful name, with heavenly radiance

In your heart move, with breathing.

If, in your heart, you do not have Jesus the Lord

All other mortifications, remain as water.

Only Jesus inside me is able

The water of my being, into wine to convert.

As in a nest, your whole mind, in the heart place,

And then glorify Jesus, by ceaseless prayer.

O, Lord Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner!

Let the prayer be slow; not hurried -

Until the heart, from prayer, bursts into flame -

Then, the mind, heaven sees and on earth, remains not.

Redeeming the Time

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