April 28

From the Prologue

Tibald was a Slav from Pannonia. During the reign of Diocletian he was brutally tortured for the Faith of Christ and suffered in a place called Tsibal.



The virgin Cercyra, both tender and pure,

From the imperial court, heard about the Name of Christ,

And that Holy Name overpowered her heart,

And ready was she to suffer for Him.

The father instructs his daughter, but how? And to what?

God is One, father, bow down to Him!

Through Christ is His love manifested,

With that love now I am seized

For myself I do not mourn, neither of torture am I afraid,

You do what you wish, before God I stand.

Cercyra the virgin in the flame stands,

Quiet, meek and radiant like a dove.

A crimson flame rages, the entire dungeon cracks,

Cercyra's heart beats unafraid,

Prayer and hope nests in her heart,

With that, the fire she overcame, and not the fire her,

With love divine, the virgin pierced with arrows,

From the vanity of the world, easily separated,

Her body, by deadly arrows shattered -

The soul of the virgin, the Lord received intact.

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