April 25

From the Prologue

When Mark stepped out of the boat on dry land in Alexandria, the sandal on one foot became torn. Then, he saw a cobbler to whom he gave his sandal for repairs. In mending the sandal, the cobbler pierced himself with the needle in his left hand and blood began to flow and the cobbler screamed in pain. Then the apostle of God mixed some dust with his spittle and anointed the wounded hand and suddenly the hand became whole again. Astonished at this miracle, the cobbler invited Mark to his home. Hearing Mark's homily, Anianus [for that was the cobbler's name] was baptized; he and his entire household. Anianus displayed so much virtue and so much zeal for the work of God that St. Mark consecrated him bishop. This holy man was the second bishop of the Church in Alexandria.



The Evangelist Mark, to Egypt he flew

As a bee with honey. And Egypt experienced

The sweetness of Christ's honey; the sweetness of living knowledge,

And the people began to be amazed at Christ:

How He, in His divine concern, became incarnated

How He, humbled Himself for man's salvation,

And how He resurrected in glory and power.

Through the thick darkness, until now, we walked!

The Egyptians said: "And now for us, the sun rises,"

Let us rejoice O people in this shiny day!

But his wonderful crop, Mark watered with his blood,

And because of that, all the idols collapsed.

And Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, was baptized

Became the field of God; the Apostolic Church.

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