April 24

From the Prologue

This wonderful young man Luke, a tailor by trade, suffered martyrdom for Christ in 1564 A.D. Nicholas suffered martyrdom in the year 1776 A.D.



Saint Thomas pretends to be deranged

For the sake of Christ, his Savior,

And God, he glorifies in his heart,

The only One, the Creator of the world,

God's name is in his heart,

Have mercy upon me O Good God!

By this, he nourishes his soul:

Have mercy upon me O Good God!

Holy Thomas is not concerned

What the world about him will say,

Let the world rant, let it threaten,

The true judgment, God will pronounce.

Whoever pleased the world

Before God was found to be false,

And Thomas smiled

At the world which pretends to be important.

O you shadow, above the water,

Why do you pretend to be so important?

All reality is in the Lord

When yourself, you consider as nothing,

With that, you will glorify Him.

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