April 19

From the Prologue

Simeon lived a life of asceticism on the Holy Mountain [Athos] and, for a short while, was the abbot of the Monastery Philotheu. He strengthened Christians in the Faith in many areas of the Balkans and was glorified by his miracle-working. He walked barefooted for which he is called, the Discalced (The Barefooted One). He died in Constantinople.



Innocent Tryphun, grey-haired shepherd,

Obtained the unfading wreath, through innocence.

The emperor wrongfully wanted for the sake of empty vanity

Not fearing God or God's punishment.

To be patriarch is an honor before men

But a burden before God and before angels;

A lad can tend the speechless flock [sheep]

But where is his wisdom for the flock [sheep]?

Kind-hearted Tryphun, the justice of God He protects

"That cannot be," to the emperor he said: "can never be!"

Give, to a mature man, wiser than I,

Who will steer the Ship of God through the rocks?

And not a child, even though your son, he be

Who, the Ship of God, against the rocks would smash!

Emperor Roman himself did as he wished,

Saint Tryphun and the people he saddened.

And, the eye of God throughout the world roams

Looking where there should be a wreath; where revenge.

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