April 17

From the Prologue

Sabatius and Zosimus were the co-founders of the ascetical [monastic] community on the Solovetz Island in the White Sea. Many great saints were glorified in the Solovetz Community. St. Sabatius died in 1435 A.D., and Zosimus died in 1478 A.D.



On an isolated island in the midst of the stormy sea,

Beyond the vanity of the world and beyond conversation,

Zosimus, his soul nourishes with prayers

Defends his soul from demons with the Name of God.

Vicious demons became embittered against him

And all of their power, against him, directed.

To them, Zosimus speaks: In vain is your effort

As long as the mighty hand of God protects me.

To slay me, is it the will of God?

Then strike quickly and time, do not waste!

Why do you change yourselves into beasts and serpents?

Into angry wolves, tigers and scorpions,

When you do not have the strength as much as shadows,

In order to do me some kind of harm.

You are dreadful only for the sons of sin

And for the lovers of pleasure and laughter.

But, for the lovers of Christ's yoke,

The Mother of God and pure asceticism,

You are as the fog, which the wind carries,

Which, for a moment conveys it and, for a moment, carries it away.

If the fog, a rock is able to uproot,

Then me a sinner, you are able to sway!

Leave me alone, I give not myself over to you

I am the servant of Christ; I look up to Christ.

Redeeming the Time

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