Aug 2/15 2000 - St. Stephen

To the clergy and faithful of our Russian Orthodox Church Outside

Russia, and all others with concern for her Mission in Haiti:

As many of you are aware, our Church has had a growing mission in Haiti for some years. Just over a year ago, the Mission was provided with its own administration, and the Rev. Fr. Gregory Williams, of Liberty TN, was appointed its administrator.

In direct consequence of his missionary activities in Haiti, Fr. Gregory was stricken earlier this year with falciparium malaria, the most severe of the several forms of malaria (but fortunately from which complete recovery of a survivor can be expected), in consequence of which he spent much of Great Lent unable to function, and 10 days of the last weeks hospitalized. Thanks be to God, his recovery is well underway, and he has been able to return to nearly normal levels of activity.

However, the direct hospitalization, physicians' and related billings are in excess of $16,000. The actual loss, of course, is far greater.

I ask you and your parishes to contribute as generously as you are able to offset this loss. Checks made out to "Haitian Orthodox Mission" and sent to the Haitian Orthodox Mission at 1180 Orthodox Way, Liberty TN 37095 USA , are tax-deductible in the US. Checks should be earmarked "medical expenses" to keep them separated from ordinary Mission donations.

A reminder, also: no funds for our Church's activities in Haiti should be sent directly to Haiti. All contributions should be sent to the address above, so that we may maintain proper accountability for their use.

+ Gabriel,
Bishop of Manhattan

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