Russian Orthodox Christian Menaion Calendar

October 28

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Feasts, Scripture Readings, rubrics

  1. Martyrs Terence and Neonilla and their children Sarbelus, Photus, Theodulus, Hierax, Nitus, Bele, and Eunice.
  2. St. Stephen of St. Sabbas' Monastery, hymnographer.
  3. Repose of St. Arsenius, Archbishop of Serbia.
  4. Great Martyr Parasceva of Iconium.
  5. Martyrs Africanus, Terence, Maximus, Pompeius, and 37 others, of Carthage.
  6. St. John the Chozebite, monk.
  7. Hieromartyr Cyriacus, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and his mother Martyr Anna.
  8. St. Firmilian, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, and St. Malchion, presbyter.
  9. St. Febronia, daughter of Emperor Heraclius.
  10. St. Neophytus, Bishop of Urbinsk in Georgia.
  11. Repose of St. Job of Pochaev.
  12. St. Demetrius, Metropolitan of Rostov.
  13. St. Nestor (not the Chronicler) of the Kiev Caves.
  14. St. Athanasius I, Patriarch of Constantinople (Mt. Athos. .
  15. Righteous Virgin Parasceva of Pirimin on the Pinega River (Archangelsk).
  16. New Martyr Priest Michael Lektorsky (1921).
  17. Greek Calendar
    • New Martyrs Angelis, Manuel, George and Nicholas, of Crete.
  18. Repose of Blessed Schema hieromonk Theophilus, fool for Christ of the Kiev Caves (1852).

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