Russian Orthodox Christian Menaion Calendar

December 15

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Feasts, Scripture Readings, rubrics

Nativity Fast.
  1. Hieromartyr Eleutherius, Bishop of Illyria, and his mother Martyr Anthia.
  2. St. Paul of Latros.
  3. St. Stephen the confessor, Archbishop Surozha in the Crimea.
  4. Martyr Eleutherius at Constantinople.
  5. St. Pardus, hermit of Palestine.
  6. Martyr Bacchus the New.
  7. Martyr Susanna the deaconess of Palestine.
  8. St. Tryphon, abbot of Pechenga or Kolsk, and his martyred disciple Jonah.
  9. NEW HIEROMARTYR Joseph, Metropolitan of Petrograd (1938)
  10. NEW HIEROMARTYR Ilarion (Troitsky) (1929).
  11. New Martyr Paul (Florensky).
  12. Greek Calendar
    • Martyr Koremon the Epatch and two executioners martyred with him.

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