May 24

From the Prologue

As a youth, Nicetas lived an unrestrained and sinful life. Entering into church by chance, he heard the words of the Prophet Isaiah: "Wash yourselves (from sin) and you will be clean" (Isaiah 1:16). These words entered deeply into his heart and caused a complete turnabout in his life. Nicetas left his home, wife, property and entered a monastery near Pereyaslavl, where he lived an ascetical life of difficult mortifications until his death. He wrapped chains around himself and enclosed himself in a pillar for which reason he was called a Stylite. God endowed him with abundant grace so that he healed men of various tribulations. He cured Prince Michael Chernigov of palsy. Certain evil doers spotted the chains on him and, because of their brightness, thought they were made of silver. They killed him one night, removed the chains and carried them away. This occurred on May 16, 1186 A.D. After his death, he appeared to the Elder Simeon and ordered that his discovered chains be placed next to his body in the tomb.



Glory to wonderful Simeon of the Wonderful Mountain,

Of the Most-high Creator, he was the praise.

Prayer, fasting and all night vigils

A saint he became, with powerful gifts,

With powerful gifts, God's grace.

With Grace, his labor the Lord rewarded,

In works and in deeds, powerful Grace,

Which cures diseases and demons destroys,

Which, according to the truth, every deed he judges,

And, the mysteries of heaven and men he recognizes.

From his childhood years, until his older days

A beautiful and fragrant sacrifice, he was.

His heart, the altar of the Living God was,

For the Spirit All-holy, a glowing sanctuary.

To the greatest spheres, the mind powerfully uplifted,

Where all the objects of faith, with the eyes are seen.

And, toward good his will was extended,

Mightily strengthened in God's law.

What are all riches, and all kingdoms; What are they?

As a quick spark, they glow and extinguish!

Compared to a holy man - even the whole world, what is it?

The world changes, perishes and the saint remains.

If it (the world) does not a saint produce, the world, a fig tree is

Without fruit and worth, a dead barren tree!

Glory to wonderful Simeon, of the Wonderful Mountain,

Of creation and the Creator, he was the praise.

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