May 17

From the Prologue

Stephen was the son of Emperor Basil the Macedonian and brother of Emperor Leo the Wise. He succeeded to the patriarchal throne after Photius and governed the Church of God from 889-893 A.D. He died peacefully and presented himself to the Lord Whom he greatly loved.



The Apostle Andronicus, a kinsman of St. Paul,

A preacher of peace and spiritual health,

For Christ burned, a flaming love

And throughout the world, carried the illuminating teaching;

Without much clothing, without pay and care,

Only rich in the power of the Divine Spirit.

With St. Junia, all tortures he shared

Until, throughout Pannonia, the cross he carried!

There, darkness vanished where the honorable Cross glowed,

Separated the wheat without chaff and straw.

Awakened men from animalistic sleep.

And the gift of God's adoption, embraced

As weak reeds, the idols they destroyed,

Discord and odius vices, they abandoned,

When the heart begins to sob, the mouth sang:

We are Your children, O Heavenly Father!

The light from Your apostle, we now receive,

Forgive us, that slaves to the idols we were.

Redeeming the Time

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