May 6

From the Prologue

After having committed many crimes, Barbarus repented and at first condemned himself to crawl on all fours for three years and to eat with dogs and, second, to live twelve years in the forest without clothes, without a roof and without food except grass and leaves. He received news from the angels that his sins are forgiven. Some merchants traveling through the forest and seeing Barbarus from afar thought that it was an animal and not a man, aimed their arrows at him and pierced him. Dying, Barbarus begged them to inform the nearest priest about him. The priest arrived and buried him honorably. From his body flowed healing myrrh (oil) which cured various diseases and pains of men.



Tell me brother, what you are able to endure,

And how much of a man you are, I will tell you.

Job the righteous rich man and all glorious

By Satan, on a dunghill was thrown,

And with pus and sores covered,

To dogs and to men, a horrifying sight!

Whatever he had, in a day perished

Except faith and except patience.

But with the weapon of faith and patience

Job, the horrible Satan overcame.

The uneven struggle, God looked on,

To the righteous one, victory He imparted.

With victory, all other riches,

And the envious devil shamed.

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