May 3

From the Prologue

From his early youth, Theodosius shunned laughter and rejoicing and dedicated himself to godly-thoughts and prayers. Because of this, he was often abused by his mother, especially one day, when his mother noticed an iron belt around his naked body from which his shirt was bloodied. Having once read the words of the Savior in the Gospel "He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me" (St. Matthew 10:37), Theodosius left the home of his parents and fled to the Monastery of the Caves in Kiev to see the Venerable Anthony. Anthony received him and, shortly afterwards, tonsured him a monk. When his mother found him and asked him to return home, he counseled his mother and she also entered a convent and was tonsured a nun. Theodosius shortly surpassed all the monks by his mortification, meekness and goodness, and became very dear to Anthony who installed him as abbot of the monastery. During the time that he was abbot, the brotherhood of the monastery greatly increased, churches and cells were built and the Constitution [the Rule] of the Studite Monastery was introduced in its entirety. God endowed Theodosius with abundant grace because of his virginal purity, great labor in prayer, love toward his fellow man and so this man of God possessed great power over unclean spirits, healed diseases and discerned the fate of men. Along with St. Anthony, Theodosius is considered the founder and organizer of monasticism in Russia. He died peacefully in the year 1074 A.D. His healing relics repose next to the relics of Anthony.



Timothy and Maura, crucified and pale,

Through the Lord Christ, looked at one another,

And by the spirit see each other better than with the eyes,

By pain exalted, above all things.

And Timothy speaks: Maura, my sister,

You are of a female nature, and your pain is greater!

By prayer be encouraged, do not despair sister,

All of your thoughts, affix to Christ.

Maura replied: Brother Timothy,

The Spirit of God I feel, in my soul it waves

He keeps me strong, and helpless, He strengthens me,

And the Sweet Jesus, my pains alleviates,

But, about you, my glorious pride, I am concerned,

What kind of pains, with yours can be similar?

But just a little while, a little while, my sweet brother,

From the thorns of sufferings, then the roses will blossom,

To the entire heavenly host, the darling you will be,

Only endure, endure without sound and sobbing

Let us be alert brother, let us not fall asleep,

Perhaps the Lord might come, that we not be ashamed.

Behold, the entire heavens opened, I see

Unseen treasures for us prepared.

Then Timothy to Maura: O sister, wonderful,

Bride of Christ, glorious martyr,

For His glorious mercy, let us glorify God,

That such an honorable death, He permitted upon us.

O glory to You O Savior, Who for us suffered;

Our spirit, we now commend into Your hands.

Redeeming the Time

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