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From the Prologue

Paphnutius, the son of a Tartar nobleman, later embraced the Christian Faith. At age twenty, Paphnutius was tonsured a monk and continued to live his life in a monastery until his ninety-fourth year, when he reposed in the Lord. Paphnutius was a virgin and an ascetic. Because of this, he became a miracle-worker and discerner. He died in the year 1478 A.D.



Jeremiah, chaste one and prophet,

To men, the will of God he proclaims

When in sin, men decay

And the laws of God, they trampled.

The prophet cries out, weeps and threatens,

As a live flame, his words are,

Illumines the righteous, burns the sinners;

As the tears of a mother, his tears are

Over her dying offspring.

The prophet foresees it, punishment is coming,

A punishment, one-hundred fold deserved.

The mercy of God, into justice changes.

The prophet cries out, weeps and threatens,

The sinful people, calls to repentance.

To what the leaders say, the people listen,

And the leaders, at the prophet laugh,

And his words, as a lie they proclaimed!

But himself to be wearied, the prophet does not allow:

With sufferings, his words he seals;

Nefarious men, slew the prophet,

And forever, made him famous.

All the words of the prophet were fulfilled,

The kingdom fell; the prophet glorified.

Redeeming the Time

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