July 20

From the Prologue

Saint Elijah and Saint Flavius were great zealots for the Faith and defenders of Orthodoxy. They were driven into exile by the heretical Emperor Anastasius where they both died. They precisely foresaw the death of Emperor Anastasius as well as their own death. Simultaneously they corresponded with each other from afar: "Anastasius the emperor died today, let us both go before the judgment of God with him." After two days both saints died in the year 518 A.D.



Fiery man, the Prophet Elijah,

With heavenly radiance, glowed on earth

Pleased the Lord with your prayers

You closed the heavens and from heaven brought down fire,

All with the help of God's All-powerful right hand;

Because of their lukewarm faith, you rebuke men;

For the Living God, you diligently labored

And, as its prophet, the Church celebrates you.

The king did not frighten you and the queen even less,

Your king and your possession, the Lord God is.

Neither about food nor about drink did he worry.

To God's Providence, you were completely devoted

Without fear of anyone, you were a fear to everyone.

As a powerful lion who is a fear to small mice.

For the Living God you diligently labored

And as its prophet, the Church celebrates you.

As so few, the Lord glorified you

For the Living God you glorified:

To ignite sacrifices, God sent you a fire;

To resurrect the dead, power He gave you.

The entire world, your powerful work amazed,

All your prophecies were fulfilled,

With soul and body, you were alive and whole,

That is why death did not have any part in you.

Both in soul and body, fiery prophet

Glory to you! We exclaim with a joyful soul.

Redeeming the Time

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