July 12

From the Prologue

Theodore and John were father and son, and by descent Varangians (Vikings) who were baptized and then settled in the pagan city of Kiev. The enraged pagans destroyed their home with them in it and, thus, both suffered for Christ. Their relics repose in the monastery of the Caves of Anthony in Kiev. Those without children and those who miscarry invoke their intercession.



Golinduc of Persian origin,

The heavens saw and a Christian became,

Began to tread the narrow path

Blows to receive from all sides,

As an iron flint strikes,

From the strike, a glowing fire creates,

Thus, pain a human heart strikes.

Until the flame ignites what in the heart is concealed

And the dark paths of men illuminates,

The soul saves from passions sinful.

Golinduc, full of the Spirit of God,

Roof nor bread, did not have

In the world, any friends did not have;

The world, a camp of sufferers to her was

All she had, all for Christ she gave

Because of suffering, as gold she became,

As gold, by fire tempered

Her entire being thus became.

One by one, the torturers died out

Of their wealth, nothing did they take

Except misdeeds and the name of the Evil One.

Golinduc, before God came

As a beautiful fruitful olive tree,

Pure soul, a kin to the angels.

Redeeming the Time

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