January 26

From the Prologue

David renewed and strengthened the State of Georgia. As a great zealot for the Christian Faith, he built many new churches and restored the old ones throughout Georgia. David is considered as the regenerator of the Orthodox Faith in Georgia.


In this strange world, we are exiled,

In a dungeon with royal sons, slaves

Wayward children in sorrow seek their father

The strange world calls them to satiate them with sweetness.

Where will the spirits of the heroes be appeased

In a strange world, whose every sweetness is death?

In a strange world, which breathes death and smells of death,

That which is written in the morning is erased at night.

And the exiled crown prince sighs for the kingdom,

For the immortal kingdom, high above the firmament,

Where the Father rules and nothing is strange,

Where nothing is known about death neither moldy smell.

O, all-amazing world, a frightening cage!

Whoever is bound to Christ, breaks your ties,

And becomes free of everything and everyone,

That one neither goes with you nor flees from you,

But prepares worthily to depart from you

Into the arms of the Father, into the kingdom of freedom.

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