January 16

From the Prologue

Romil was born in Vidin. He was a disciple of St. Gregory Sinaite. He lived a life of asceticism in several monasteries. Together with him in the Monastery Ravanica [Serbia] lived Constantine Camblak. St. Romil died in the Lord about the year 1375 A.D. in the Monastery Ravanica.



Leonilla, grandmother aged,

By the spirit, powerful as a lioness,

When her grandsons for God, she prepared,

Herself, a martyr became.

To Leonilla, the tribune screamed,

And from bitter anger, hissing:

Proceed, grandmother, to the dungeon,

And your grandsons, to counsel.

Counsel your grandsons to deny

The so-called Christ the Lord,

Either Christ to renounce

Or their young lives.

Leonilla, in the dungeon

To her grandsons, speaks:

Of worldly powers, do not be afraid,

Even though they burn you alive.

Adhere to the glorious Christ

And His Good News,

For you, He prepared

Eternity of radiance and joy.Of bitter wounds, do not be afraid,

Neither of death, for they are transitory:

The faithful to Christ, death cannot

Either conceal or crush.

Three grandsons, in the midst of fire

To God offered praise,

While the evil one their dear grandmother

Leonilla beheaded.

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