January 16

From the Prologue

Damaskin led a life of asceticism in Hilendar [Mt. Athos] where he became the abbot. When he sought from some Turks payment of a debt due to the monastery, they persuaded a Muslim woman to enter the house where Damaskin lived. Then, those same Turks came and, finding this woman, dragged Damaskin before the Cadi [Muslim Judge] who then proposed to him: either be hanged or convert to Islam. To this Damaskin decisively responded, "It would be insanity if I for this transient life would purchase eternal death." He was hanged in the year 1771 A.D. in Svishtov. Thus, Damaskin sacrificed his body in order to save his soul. God's punishment immediately befell his murderers. While crossing the Danube river, in a row boat, a storm arose and capsized the boat and drowned them.

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