January 12

From the Prologue

Theodora was a glorious nun and teacher of the nuns from Alexandria. "Just as trees require winter and snow in order to bear fruit, so trials and temptations are needed for our life," spoke this holy woman. She died peacefully at the beginning of the fifth century.



You grieve over the youth of your body, Oh, be reasonable!

Youth which passes, is it worthwhile to grieve over; you judge!

There is only one youth, youth in eternity,

That is the true youth, youth without aging,

This is worthwhile to ask for, and for it, to shed tears,

Even if you have to pay for it with the death of the body.

Tatiana purchased the costly with the less costly.

For dust and water, the Divine wine;

For the body that ages, eternal youth

And for a few tears, Cherubic joy.

Betrothed to Christ, the Immortal King,

She remained faithful to her Betrothed;

By the power of a pure spirit, crushed temptations

And bravely endured frightening tortures.

Around her were heard angelic footsteps;

As a wrinkled cloth, her body she shed,

And a soul free of earthly ties

Was raised to the wedding feast in the Kingdom without tears.

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