Monk Pherapont of Monzensk

Feasts and Saints of the Orthodox Christian Church

December 12/25

Our Holy Father Pherapont of Monzensk was a monk in the monastery of the Monk Adrian at the River Monza.

He began his ascetic deeds in Moscow, and then transferred to the city of Kostroma at the Cross-Elevation monastery, and was tonsured there.

The pious monks Adrian and Paphnutii, from the monastery of the Monk Paul of Obnorsk (Comm. 10 January), in seeking solitude and with blessing, resettled to the Monza and there founded a monastery 25 versts from Galich. The Monk Pherapont transferred to this monastery, where he lived in asceticism to the end of his life.

Each day, with the blessing of the monastery head, he withdrew into a forested thicket and there he prayed. By night he read and transcribed copies of spiritually useful books.

In his life he emulated Blessed Vasilii (Basil) of Moscow (Comm. 2 August), whom he called his friend, although personally he never saw him.

Even during his life the Monk Pherapont was glorified with a gift of wonderworking. Before his death he predicted a year of famine (1601).

The monk died in the year 1597. The monastery at the River Monza was called after him the Pherapontov.

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