The Hieromartyr Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem.

December 12

From the Prologue

The Hieromartyr Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem, was a student of the great teacher and writer of the Church, presbyter Clement of Alexandria (+ c. 217). At the beginning of the III Century he was chosen bishop of Cappadocian Flavia.

During the persecution under Septimus Severus (193-211) in 203, was thrown into prison for three years, then exiled.

After his release from prison he set off to Jerusalem to venerate at the holy places there, and through a revelation from above, he was chosen there as co-administrator to the quite elderly Patriarch Narcissos (in the year 212). This was an unusually rare occurrence in the practice of the ancient Church. In this dignity he governed the Jerusalem Church for 38 years, toiling much at Christian enlightenment. A large library of the works of Christian writers was gathered by him at Jerusalem. This famous library that was of great use to Eusebius when he was writing his Ecclesiastical History.

He was tortured in various ways during the reign of Decius, and was thrown to the wild beasts. Alive and unharmed, he was cast back into prison, where he finished his earthly course and went to the Lord in the year 251.

From The Prologue From Ochrid by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich
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