St Nicholas the Wonderworker

A Miracle in World War 2

St Nicholas Day is December 6/19

How close the Saints are to us! During WWII, some Ukrainian soldiers were stuck on the wrong side of enemy lines and were trying on a very cold night to get back where they were supposed to be. However, they became too exhausted and were facing dying of exposure, when they saw a twinkle of light between some trees.

Following the light, they found a clearing with a little cabin. A kind-looking old man invited them inside for shelter and to regain their strength. As soon as these comrades-at-arms went inside, they collapsed on the floor in utter exhaustion.

When they awoke, they found themselves, much refreshed, in the middle of the same clearing, but there was no building, no old man, in sight. Wondering at this, they continued on. Soon they were in a safe area.

They saw a church and went inside to thank the Lord for His mercy towards them. There, in the church, they saw an icon of St. Nicholas on the wall. "That's him!" they said to one another. "That's the old man who gave us shelter last night!"

Hieromonk Aidan St. Hilarion Monastery Austin, Texas

Redeeming the Time

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St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, McKinney, Texas