August 25

From the Prologue

Mennas wisely governed the Church from 536-552 A.D. Before that, he was in charge of the Home of St. Sampson a home for the indigent and needy. Pope Agapitus, who had come Constantinople at that time for the sake of refuting and deposing the heretical Patriarch Anthimus, participated at the consecration of Menas as bishop.



Only the immature spirit, soothes itself by fables,

For him who seeks the truth, fables do not help.

Titus, the chaste one, on impure Crete was,

Longing for the truth brought him to Christ;

And, when upon the face of Almighty God, he gazed,

All of his fables were as muddied water:

Christ, the truth is: the Cross is the path to truth,

To heavenly heights, the Cross elevates the soul,

Dedicated to the mystery of God's plan,

Titus these labors and countless tortures accepted,

Labors for himself and for the teacher,

For the great Paul, the parent in the spirit.

When, with a sword, the blasphemous Nero beheaded Paul

Because of that, Titus did not lose faith and courage.

But, honorably and peacefully, buried the father,

And to Crete returned to labor twice as much.

The temple of Diana fell, the temple of Zeus vanished,

From Titus' wondrous prayerful power,

The darkness of error dispersed; by Christ, Crete, he enlightened.

Titus, Paul's co-apostle, wonderful and holy.

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