August 20

From the Prologue

According to all probability, it appears that they were Slavs. They served God in Thrace and there were first handed over to tortures for Christ. When the pagans rushed to set fire to a Christian church, the brave Philip said to their elder: "Do you think that God is enclosed in these walls? He lives in our hearts." The church was destroyed, all the books burned and these priests were taken to Jedrene where, after imprisonment and tortures, were thrown half burned into the Maritsa river. Thirty-eight more Christians also died with them as martyrs. It is thought that they suffered and died during the reign of Diocletian.



Samuel the righteous, servant of the Living God,

Of his people, beloved judge,

He respected God; God above all,

The will of God, for him, was a commandment,

By the will of God, the will of the people he corrected

And for the people's sins, before God repented.

Priest and prophet and a righteous judge,

In three ways, Samuel glorified God.

With his every word, with his every deed,

Through labor and prayer and sacrifices and food

With his entire being, God he served,

To the rulers of the world, this example he offered:

For his people, no one is going to do good,

One who from the law of God departs

Who, to himself and to the people listen and not God,

Into the depth of the bottomless abyss will fall.

As Saul fell and others with him

All accomplices of the sin of the people.

Only a slave of God can a ruler be

And benefit his people eternally

This Samuel teaches in deeds and in words,

Throughout the many centuries, this teaching echoes.

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