August 18

From the Prologue

Emilian was born in Armenia. According to his wishes and seeking martyrdom, he traveled to Italy to preach Christ during the reign of Diocletian. He was elected bishop of Trevi. As a result of the many miracles during the time of his torture, approximately one thousand pagans believed in Christ. He was slain by the sword together with Hilarion, his spiritual father and two brothers, Dionysius and Hermippus.



To two sons, two saints, a mother gave birth,

Blessed is such a mother that pleases God.

Wonderful Florus and Laurus, cut the stones,

Along with that, by the Cross, the souls of men corrected;

What a chisel is to stone, a Cross is to the soul,

By the Cross chisled out, for the Cross they perished.

The pagan priest, the unseen miracle saw:

The eye knocked out - the eye healed!

A miracle unseen! For him, that was enough

And with the Cross was baptized and a martyr became.

Wonderful Florus and Laurus, temple of the idols built,

But, in their heart, glorify Christ the God.

The brothers, a new pagan temple built,

But, on it a Cross placed and behold - a Christian temple!

Still, with hymns of praise to Christ, they filled it

And with the beauty of candles and incense pure.

Man to man resembles it in the same way,

But one is humble and the other is flamboyant.

Behold, very similar are they, in body and attire,

But very different in mind and spirit.

In one is Christ and holiness pure,

In the other is the diabolical suffering and emptiness.

That may our body God grant it

To be temples of the Living God, the Spirit

Through the powerful prayers of God's chosen ones.

The brothers Florus and Laurus, holy martyrs.

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