August 10

From the Prologue

Hiron was a Christian philosopher. He is mentioned by St. Gregory the Theologian in his books. He died peacefully and took up habitation with the Lord.



Lawrence, the evil emperor asks:

"Where are you from? What is your rank?

Lawrence, to the emperor replies:

"From Spain, educated in Rome,

And of the One God, a servant, I am."

"Of the Church's treasure, are you the guardian?"

"Of that good treasure, I am, O emperor."

Give us the treasure and your life, save!

The treasure of the Church, in heaven, is,

In the Lord Jesus, believe ye also,

And, of that treasure, an heir, you will be."

Lawrence, deny Christ!

"You, O Emperor, deny the idols!"

And the Emperor became infuriated and to the servants motioned,

Lawrence, they beat and crushed,

And on a fiery gridiron, they placed him.

This fire to me, it is cool,

And [the fire] for you in the midst of Hades is prepared!

Lawrence, deny Christ!

Are you not sorry, to die young?

Christ, on the Cross, suffered for me,

For me, He died; I, for Him, die

One side of the body, entirely burned,

Lawrence, to the executioners, speaks:

Half of the body is roasted,

Turn it over, behold food for you,

Turn it over, let the other side roast!

This said, he flew away

Into the sweet heavenly mansions.

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