August 3

From the Prologue

Salome was the mother of the Apostles James and John, the wife of Zebedee and the daughter of Joseph, the betrothed of the All-Holy Birth-giver of God. She served the Lord during His earthly life and was deemed worthy to be among the first to proclaim His resurrection.



A lifeless rock and a man on the rock,

The turbulent sea, around it foams

Anthony, in God, engrossed

His mind, to God, ceaselessly raised

And prayers, with the heart, ascended.

The rock moved and Anthony remains silent,

Completely in God, about evil, does not suspect,

Frightened are all evils, before a hero

But mostly, before a true monk.

Man, by Providence, is directed

And, through the saints, God glorifies Himself.

Through Anthony, God is glorified,

Anthony, as a star, shown

In the great city of Novgorod,

Where, to the people, a miracle was proclaimed.

Anthony nourished humility,

His mind to God, ceaselessly raised,

Humble soul, to God a sweet sacrifice,

And prayer the incense of true sacrifice,

Anthony, both incense and sacrifice

A dead saint, God never saw

As the discerning saint neither saw God [as dead].

Redeeming the Time

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