April 30

From the Prologue

Argyra, this neo-martyr was born in Brusa, of devout parents. As soon as Argyra was married to a Christian, a certain Turk from the neighborhood fell in love with her and invited her to live with him. The Christ-loving Argyra rejected such a vile proposal of this Turk. He became so enraged and accused her before the judge saying that she had wanted to embrace Islam and later reneged. This holy Argyra spent fifteen years suffering for Christ, going from judge to judge and from prison to prison. She loved Christ above everything in this world. She finally died in prison in Constantinople in the year 1725 A.D.



Zebedee's James, one of three was,

Who saw the most miraculous mysteries of Christ,

Who saw the Transfiguration of the Savior,

In clothing white, with a flaming countenance,

And again in the Garden they saw Him sorrowful,

As a helpless prisoner, in the cage of the world.

By this contradiction, James was confused,

Until, enlightened he was, by the light of the Resurrection.

And when the Lord arose, James believed;

Ripped asunder the doubts as a cloud of dreams!

And yet, when the Spirit descended and the power to him, He gave,

James, victorious commander he became.

Day and night, he began to wage war,

And with God's help, miracles to work.

All for the Name of Christ; all in the glory of Christ,

Until that Holy Name did glisten in the world.

In vain did bloody Herod behead him

His commander God, granted him eternal glory.

Redeeming the Time

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