April 18

From the Prologue

All five were martyred during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. They were pagans until they witnessed the sufferings of St. George the Great Martyr. While witnessing the sufferings and bravery of this glorious martyr and the many miracles, which were manifested, they embraced the Christian Faith for which, in a short while, they too suffered and were crowned with glory.



John the Artisan, of honest craft,

His soul was as bright as a lump of gold,

By the teaching of Christ, wonderfully illumined,

And he prays to God: to wed him with suffering,

Oh Victorious Christ, Who for me was crucified,

From sinful darkness, cleanse me by suffering!

The shameful glory of a traitor, Oh do not give me,

But wed me with the sufferings of Your sufferers.

Prepare me for sufferings with Your Holy Spirit,

And allow sufferings and, to me direct them,

And You, Mother of God, of infinite mercy

Who, under the Honorable Cross of Your Son stood,

Pray for me at the time of my sufferings,

That, as an impregnable wall, I be firm.

Even you, O holy apostles, have mercy,

That the devil of the human race not prevail against me

Martyrs holy, my rejoicing,

Into your ranks, receive me also!

And now, torturers; traitors of God -

Yours is the sword and fire - here is my body!

Redeeming the Time

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