April 12

From the Prologue

Athanasia was born on the island of Aeginia of wealthy and benevolent parents. She distributed her wealth to the poor and retreated to a convent. There she took upon herself greater and more difficult mortifications. Athanasia took food only once a day and that, only bread and water. During the Honorable Fast [Lenten Season], she ate once every other day. She tasted oil and fish only on the Feasts of the Nativity and the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even thought she was the abbess of this convent, Athanasia was a servant to the other sisters and shied away from having anyone serve her. Athanasia was made worthy of the great gift of working miracles, both, during her life and after death. She died in the Lord in the year 860 A.D.



Athanasia, most beautiful soul,

On earth, shone like a bright star,

By the spirit, bodily weakness overcame,

While still young, fell in love with God;

Through fasting and vigils, her body she withered,

Only to attain salvation for her soul;

Property much, to the poor she distributed,

All of herself, to the will of God, she gave.

A vision she saw in the church, holy:

A heavenly light, the darkness penetrated,

And a voice to her came: Athanasia,

Meekness and humbleness; that is pleasing to God,

In this, practice above all else

While your heart beats and your spirit breathes.

Athanasia, that counsel she fulfilled -

And, all pride in herself she crushed,

Her will to God, she totally gave,

Obedient to God, as the blazing sun.

Love, with Love, the Lord returned

And with Grace, He rewarded her labors.

And when her time on earth was over

He granted her life, immortal and paradiscal.

Redeeming the Time

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