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This most joyful reality, which ravished Paul, and made his mind go out from every creature but yet return entirely to himself -- this he behold as a light of revelation, though not of sensible bodies, a light without limit, depth, height or lateral extension. He saw absolutely no limit to his vision and to the light which shone round about him, but rather it was as it were a sun infinitely brighter and greater than the universe, with himself standing in the midst of it, having become all eye. Such, more or less, was his vision. St. Gregory Palamas, The Triads

Through the fall our nature was stripped of divine illumination and resplendence. But the Logos of God had pity upon our disfigurement and in His compassion He took our nature upon Himself, and on Tabor He manifested it to His elect disciples clothed once again most brilliantly. He shows what we once were and what we shall become through Him in the age to come, if we choose to live our present life as far as possible in accordance with His ways. St. Gregory Palamas

"...the Lord has frequently demonstrated before many witnesses how the grace of the Holy Spirit acts on people whom He has sanctified and illumined by His great inspirations. Remember Moses after his talk with God on Mount Sinai. He so shone with an extraordinary light that people were unable to look at him. He was even forced to wear a veil when he appeared in public. Remember the Transfiguration of the Lord on Mount Tabor. A great light encircled Him, 'and His raiment became shining, exceedingly white like snow' (Mk.. 9:3), and His disciples fell on their faces from fear. But when Moses and Elias appeared to Him in that light, a cloud overshadowed them in order to hide the radiance of the light of the divine grace which blinded the eyes of the disciples. Thus the grace of the All-Holy Spirit of God appears in an ineffable light to all to whom God reveals its action." REF:St. Seraphim of Sarov, Little Russian Philokalia V, St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhoodpg 98

Redeeming the Time

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