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Christ, the Bestower of wisdom, the Giver of good things, Who poureth forth divine streams from a spring that doth not cease, crieth out: Come unto Me, all ye that thirst; draw the water of life, and drink. And thus shall rivers of graces and godly gifts issue freely from within your selves. Stichera from Vespers of Monday of the Samaritan Woman, the Pentecostarion

The Well-spring of the principle of life, Jesus, our Saviour, came to the well of the Patriarch Jacob, and sought water from a Samaritan woman that He might drink. And when she addressed Him and said that the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans, the wise Creator diverted her by the sweetness of His words rather to seek of Him the everlasting water, which, when she received it, she proclaimed to all, saying: Come and see the Knower of things hidden, God Who is come in the flesh to save man. Doxasticon (Glory of the Stichera) of Vespers of Friday of the Samaritan Woman

Though He is the uncircumscribed God, and thou He is by nature God and the Lord of all, for our sake He as a mortal was circumscribed in the flesh. And thus, while He stood within the temple's court, He poured forth for all mankind divine sayings which course with life as He addressed all: Be ye purified in your souls; quench the burning heart of the passions consuming fire. Let no one be deprived of this draught, for on him that doth drink do I bestow the divine grace of an immortal and better life. And he shall share with Me, the Creator, in the Kingdom, and thus be glorified. Stichera from Vespers of Monday of the Samaritan Woman (Pentecostarion)

When He Who sees [all] observed the reasoning of the wise woman And the faith of her heart, straightway He answered The woman: "The One Whom you call 'Messiah," Whom the prophets Prophesied would come at this time, you see and even hear His voice. I am the One, I Whom you see, and Whom you hold in the center of your heart. Loving you, I have come to attract you to Me and to save you. Now announce this to all those who wish to be saved in the city of Sichar, To your relatives and fellow citizens; and all come together Who are filled with Exceeding great joy and redemption. St Romanos the Melodist - Vol. 1, On the Woman of Samaria

Redeeming the Time

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