Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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One time a demon was sitting in the form of a man and swinging his legs. One who saw him with his spiritual eyes asked him, “Why aren’t you doing anything?” The demon answered: “Nowadays I have nothing to do but swing my legs; people are doing everything better than me.” REF:St. Ambrose of Optina (+1891)

When the blessed Eulogius saw an angel distributing gifts to the monks who toiled at all-night vigils, to one he gave a gold piece with the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to another a silver piece with a cross, to another a copper piece, to another a bronze piece, and to another nothing. The others who had remained in the church, left the church empty-handed. It was revealed to him that the ones who had obtained the gifts are those who toil at vigils and are diligent in prayers, supplications, psalms, chants, and readings. Those who received nothing or who left the church empty-handed are those who are heedless of their salvation, are enslaved to vainglory and the clamors of life, and stand feebly and lazily at vigils and whisper and jest. Apophthegmata Patrum

Redeeming the Time

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