Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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"Using the pretext of physical needs and weariness from the struggle, this deceiver makes itself credible; and like a conductive material, listlessness transmits us and hands us over to self-love, the more general enemy. Only a courageous soul grounded in faith and hope in God can overthrow this conspiracy. Otherwise, it is difficult for someone inexperienced to escape from these nets. This is a great ordeal for those who live alone and for everyone who avoids a regulated life, whereas it is unable to harm those who are under obedience and have tasks to perform. REF:Elder Joseph (trans. from Greek by Elizabeth Theokritoff), "Elder Joseph the Hesychast," (Mount Athos: The Great and Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi, 1999), pp. 195 - 198

Stop pleasing yourself and you will not hate your brother; stop loving yourself and you will love God." St. Maximos the Confessor.

The origin of all the passions is self-love; their consummation is pride. Self-love is a mindless love for the body. He who cuts this off cuts off at the same time all the passions that come from it. St. Maximos the Confessor (Third Century on Love no. 57)

Stop pleasing yourself and you will not hate your brother. REF:St Maximus the Confessor

Redeeming the Time

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