Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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...we grapple with this 'law of sin' (Rom. 8:2) and expel it from our body, establishing in its place the surveillance of the intellect. Through this surveillance we prescribe what is fitting for every faculty of the soul and every member of the body. For the senses we prescribe what they should take into account and to what extent they should do so, and this exercise of the spiritual law is called self-control. St. Gregory Palamas (In Defense of Those Who Practice a Life of Stillness no. 2, The Philokalia Vol. 4 edited by Palmer, Sherrard and Ware; Faber and Faber pg. 333)

40. He whose mind teems with thoughts lacks self-control; and even when they are beneficial, hope is more so. REF:Saint Kosmas Aitolos +1779

Redeeming the Time

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